Elysian Gates – Crossroads (English review)

Score: 8/10

EG_Crossroads_Cover_kleinFrom the Benelux countries come a variety of top-class rock and metal bands. Apart from the big acts such as Epica, Within Temptation or Delain, there are also many smaller bands, such as Anwynn (B), End Of The Dream (N) and My Own Ghost (L), to name just a few. The Luxembourg Elysian Gates blends seamlessly into this illustrious group. The band was founded in 2010, three years later the debut album „Destination Unknown“, which was still sung by André, was released. From 2014, Elysian Gates re-positioned as a Female Fronted Band. One year later, Noémie Leer (ex-Rude Revelation) took over the job on the microphone. With her vocal range from furious death metal growls to high soprano singing she is one of the most perfect singers of the scene. In September last year, the second album „Crossroads“ was released. They toured the Benelux countries and Germany. Recently, Elysian Gates had the opportunity to support Iced Earth and in September they will be on stage with Enemy Of Reality (Gr) and Xandria at the Voices Of The Succubi Festival in Malta.

square_1_nb_KLEINWith the epic intro „The Awakening“ the listener is carried into the sound worlds of the Luxembourger before keyboards and guitars with the title track „Crossroads“ bang forcefully from the boxes. The singing of Noémie Leer sounds very pleasant, warm and mostly placed within the middle pitches. The melody is catchy and the filigree guitar solo skilfully integrated. In „Far from Home“ pop guitar riffs roar powerfully out of the speakers. Epic choruses and strings provide plenty of bombast. The song really takes off in the middle and with vicious growls the singer shows that her roots lie in Thrash Metal. With 9:49 minutes playing time the longest title of the album impresses with harmonious melody and tempo changes. Towards the end you can also hear a quiet brilliant guitar solo. Amazing.

Elysian Gates Bandpic 2016 3_kleinThen the listener is granted a breather. „Mary Ann“ is a wonderful ballad, which simply inspires to dream. Noemie’s voice sounds almost a little fragile. „Mary Ann“ is sublimated by a quiet guitar solo and by string sounds as well. But this is only the calm before the storm, afterwards the musicians rock straight forward again with „Broken Inside“, „Human Infection“ and „One Open Gate“. And Noémie Leer growls her heart out again. The hymn-like bouncer „Northern Winds“ sets a worthy finale. Being a bit softer, the singing is mellifluous, loosely sprinkled with riffs and discreetly backed by e-piano.

With „Crossroads“ the musicians from our neighbouring country have managed to deliver a convincing second creation. Elysian Gates shine through enormous enthusiasm and musicality. The melodies are catchy and very melodic. Singer Noémie Leer enhances the individual songs with her clear voice, which mainly resounds within the middle pitches. However, every now and then she throws in her harsh growls. And the two guitarists take turns with the excellent guitar solos. This is Symphonic Metal at a high level.

Elysian Gates – Human Infection (Lyric Video): https://youtu.be/IVhjHhV1mc0   


Noémie Leer – Vocals
Thierry Sadler – Keyboards
Sue Scarano – Guitars
Guy Christen – Guitars
Kim Sosson – Bass
Christian Praus – Drums 

Label: Self distribution 

Out: September 6th, 2016  

Duration: 46:46 

Track list: 

  • The Awakening 
  • Crossroads
  • Whispering Premonition  
  • Far from Home 
  • Mary Ann
  • Broken Inside
  • Human Infection
  • One Open Gate
  • Northern Winds  


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