Desdæmona latest news December 2019 / January 2020


Press release by Desdæmona

“Starcrossed” Digital release + new single „Everdare“

StudioNovember 3rd, 2019: Three years after its first release (July 2016) „STARCROSSED“ out again on all main digital platforms. The very same day, the band enter New Sin Studios, Castelfranco Veneto (TV), to mix and master s new single, Everdare, and work with sound engineer Luigi Stefanini whose Neve analogical desk has been already processing tracks by Timo Tolkki, White Skull, Vision Divine, Secret Sphere and many more. This new track is supposed to be the first a series: a second full length record indeed is already being written and arranged by the band that was recently renewed with a drastic lineup change.

At a first demo pre- listening, band’s followers and record industry professionals have sent positive feedbacks for „Everdare“ : Band“It includes everything I appreciate in a symphonic metal song: heavy guitars, choirs , dreamy and madness atmospheres , classical orchestras, fast hooking melodies and overall big voices! The band has been renewed but Desdæmona’s core is still the same” (Massimiliano Grassi, cats and flowers grower) “the track is little long but flows very well as it architecture is well built. I like the way the melody line has been written and I appreciate a improvement of vocal technique and expression, compared to the past performances. A whole improvement of the band itself: guitar riffs are more powerful and the whole sound has become thicker and heavier. Eager to listen to the final master“ (Carlo Bellotti, label manager / music producer Wholeworm Death / Epitronic)

New single „Everdare“ by Desdæmona released on December 20th, 2019 is already available on major digital stores and will be followed by a lyrics video which is being launched in days,

SingleVideo release

Desdæmona latest single „Everdare (Memento Audere Semper)“ has just been released in the form of lyrics video available on the band’s official YouTube channel The song is the very first track after Desdæmona’s recent drastic lineup change and represents a foresight of the upcoming full length.

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