FALLEN ARISE: Hammerfest Acoustic Performance Video Available

Press Release by ALPHA OMEGA Management


Athens based Symphonic Metallers FALLEN ARISE performed at Hammerfest X on March 16th (acoustic show) and 17th (main show). HRH TV has posted a video footage from the acoustic performance on their Youtube Channel, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqoXTCQPsj8

Just recently, FALLEN ARISE (alongside THEATRES DES VAMPIRES) were confirmed to co-headline the next edition of Voices of the Succubi, the female fronted metal festival, taking place on September 22nd 2018, in Malta!

Furthermore, FALLEN ARISE have finished recording of their third album. More details coming up soon.

FALLEN ARISE, formed in 2009, released their second full length album “Adeline” in October 2015, via Rock Of Angels Records (aka ROAR), combining a theatrical atmosphere with a progressive approach and a heavy-metal-alike heaviness. The album takes us back in time of the Victorian era of the 19th century (1837-1901), presenting us the decay of the human body and mind through fiction. The album was realized in the collaboration with an ensemble of 40 renowned musicians from the National Opera, the Athens State Orchestra, the NERIT Orchestra and the Piraeus Concert Band. FALLEN ARISE have shared the stage with PARADISE LOST, MOONSPELL, LEAVES’ EYES, OUTLOUD, as well as playing several shows in Greece. Check out the fan-filmed videos from their tour with PARADISE LOST in 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVjYK6k5WnI

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