The end of Eve’s Apple

A sad announcement from the Eve’s Apple. The community will go to an end. I think it will be a great loss for all fans of female fronted rock and metal music. I allways will remember the two great shows at the MFVF in Wieze. It was great to see you live on stage and additional a few of you backstage. Hope I can see and meet you live on stage or backstage in the future.

Here is the complete announcement:


30. November 2013 um 19:40


Sorry to rush in like this – But we just wanted to make sure that all of you read this and understand why we decided to officially end Eve’sApple. 

IN THE BEGINNING it was only a very rough idea – some women, singers, that were pissed off by a male dominated business who decided to do their own thing. We wanted to help new singers understand the music industry and we wanted to show everybody that the female fronted rock/metal scene is not about bitch fights, gossip and diet marathons. It was the beginning of a new family and a whole new world opened up to many of us when we found out that we are not alone – and not lonely – in this business. 

THE SECOND AND THIRD YEAR brought a lot of work … The group had become bigger and bigger within only a few months. The work load to maintain the daily postings, organization, etc. became overwhelming.

WE ARE TIRED. After such a long time in which we worked toward the success of EsA – each in her own way, promoting, organizing, connecting, creating, writing – we can see the results and they are amazing! We look back on 3 years of sisterhood, networking, more than 9.000 likes on Facebook, countless followers on Twitter and the brand EVE’S APPLE that has a value in our musical scene that one can not negate so easily. There have been photoshoots, interviews, radio shows and even two unforgettable shows at MFVF. This is, in one word, success! But the majority of our members are exhausted and unable to devote the time and energy needed to continue on.

WE HAVE DECIDED to close Eve’s Apple, but we will maintain our private informal community chat page, so the existing Apples can still be in touch with each other- We are more than friends, we are sisters, and we intend to stay that way.  We will also leave up the main Facebook page, because it would be plain stupidity to throw away 9.000 likes and a CI that is unique in music business. 

Thank you for all of your support and love.  This is not goodbye; you will see us and can follow all of us in our individual projects, and out on the road. 

A documentary about our journey as Eve’s Apple is being edited as we speak, and we look forward to it as a bittersweet work, the final monument for EsA… our personal „End of an Era“, so to say.

All our Love from the Orchard-

Eve’s Apple


Eve's Apple photoshoot MFVF 2013 HR © Tim Tronckoe (1)IMG_1536IMG_1538IMG_1542IMG_1550IMG_1557IMG_1560IMG_0546IMG_1561IMG_1562IMG_1569IMG_1581IMG_1585IMG_0554IMG_1597IMG_1604IMG_1605DSCN1098DSCN1099DSCN1104IMG_0767IMG_0775IMG_0789IMG_0795IMG_0800IMG_0807IMG_0814IMG_0824IMG_0836IMG_0846DSCN1106DSCN1108DSCN1109IMG_0532IMG_0537IMG_0643IMG_0702IMG_0718IMG_0720

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