Dark Sarah–The solo project of Heidi Parviainen

I’ve seen Heidi Parviainen sometimes as front woman of Amberian Dawn or together with other songstresses of the Eves’ Apples shows at Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium. Now Heidi has a new solo project – Dark Sarah – “where all the elements: music, story, lyrics, music videos, photos etc. would support each other like in a good movie.” (citated from Dark Sarah). This project is very ambitious. A lot of her friends will be part of this project and the upcoming album, like Inga Scharf (Van Canto) or Manuela Kraller (Ex-Xandria, Ex-Haggard). But this is also very expensive. Thats why Heidi has asked her fans for donating. If you like this project, you can donate on indiegogo.


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