Seven Kingdoms – In The Walls (English Review)

Rating: 9/10

13435474_1210829615594008_3821373352436027196_nCrowdfunding is in. For many smaller bands it is (almost) the only way to finance new studio productions. This works sometimes more, sometimes less well. And the Power Metal group Seven Kingdoms from Florida was successful in financing their current EP „IN THE WALLS.“ The self-imposed goal was far exceeded. Let me know if it was also worth it.

13336055_1203199693023667_8756356488444752812_nIn the title song „In The Walls“, Seven Kingdoms show where they go. Punchy Power Metal, uncompromising heaviness, driving drums, excellent guitar parts. But the icing on the cake is the singing of whirlwind Sabrina Cruz. Just so I remember the band from their live appearance in Hamburg. The second new song „Undying“ goes exactly the same way. I have the feeling that the foot throttle is passed through still a bit stronger. High-speed metal par excellence, but still extremely melodic, also thanks to the epic choruses, which can be heard in the background.

13268252_1088003521237674_8976461388101060712_oThe new recording of „The Bloody Meadow“ is a little quieter but no less powerful. A wonderful power ballad. Again I am impressed by the chorus. Towards the end there is an amazing guitar solo to be heard. Like „Stormborn“, the song comes from the debut album „Brothers Of The Night“, which was still sung by Bryan Edwards. Nothing against the originals and the voice of Bryan, but both new releases sound fresher and more matured for me, it’s underscoring the positive development Seven Kingdoms has taken. In the end, „Stormborn“ then really bangs out of the box. Growls form a contrast to the clear voice of Sabrina. An interplay of fast-paced guitars ensures melody and at the same time heavyness.

14231203_1268145993195703_7160319979196434807_oI’ve been listening to several EP and single releases lately. But what Seven Kingdoms deliver here is by far the best I’ve heard in a long time. Listening to the EP is really fun and increases the anticipation for the next album. It is to be hoped that the musicians from the sunshine state can keep this level.

Seven Kingdoms – “In The Walls” Official Lyric Video:


Sabrina Cruz – Vocals
Camden Cruz – Guitars
Kevin Byrd – Guitars
Aaron Sluss – Bass
Keith Byrd – Drums

Label: Self distribution

Out: September 30th 2016

Duration: 20:05

Track list:

  • In The Walls
  • Undying
  • The Bloody Meadow (re-recording)
  • Stormborn (re-recording)

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