Benefit campaign for Linda McDonald (The Iron Maidens)

13056191_1468902341_3556The Southern California Tribute community has come together to do a benefit for fellow musician and tribute member, Linda McDonald, to help cover some medical bills. As the drummer for The Iron Maidens, she has been unable to play her kit for 5 months late last year into earlier this year due to a car accident she was involved in. Her car was totaled and her left shoulder injured. Fast forward to present; she has just had surgery to repair her shoulder and is ordered off the drums once again for another 5-6 months until January 2017.  She will be requiring physical therapy for the rest of the year.

26649519741_0bbd3e635a_zThere is a charity fundraising event Saturday, September 24th being held at the Gaslamp in Long Beach called Lindapalooza, featuring top tribute acts Damage Inc,,  Just Like Priest, Electric Funeral, ThundHerStruck and a jam with some members of The Iron Maidens performing all evening to help raise funds to help Linda with mounting bills! Lindapalooza is an event planned by friends for Linda as a surprise gesture of support and friendship in trying times for her. She was completely shocked to find out about it!  m/ We have received many requests for a way to donate to this cause by those who are not able to attend and so we have set up this gofundme account for that purpose. m/ Please feel free to spread the word and know that a donation of any amount is so appreciated!

Help spread the word!



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