Announcement of Christofer Johnsson (Therion)

11693955_1663097180614555_466917264180346187_nHaving had the fantastic Lori Lewis on stage with us for so many years, it was not an easy task to find another girl to fill her shoes on stage. We have auditioned a number of sopranos and also tried two of them (Isa and Sandra) in live situations, as this is the only way to really find out how what a singer is capable of delivering.
We had a great time bringing them along, but in the end it didn’t feel they could live up to the expectations that both we and the fans had after Lori. We don’t like to take a step backwards, so we continued our search and though recommendation we got our eyes on the very talanted Chiara Malvestiti, who had the perfect voice for what we need, with a very strong upper register, strong vocal power also though the entire vocal range and a beauty in the voice that can give justice to the more gentle parts.
But being a singer is not only about the voice, it’s also about over all musicality (understanding and interpreting the compositions and it’s structures and harmonies). So it’s many things that needs to match to fit in. After the festival show we did this weekend, we all feel that we finally have found the right girl to continue on the same level of quality where we left with Lori. „smile“-Emoticon

Another thing. While rehearsing at Villa Adulruna for this show, we also used the moment to have Chiara making an audition for one of the main roles in the Rock Opera. Good news – she got the job! „smile“-Emoticon
So far we have 3 of the 4 main roles filled for the recording of it (Thomas Vikström, Lori and Chiara). For the live performance we will have to look for someone else doing Lori’s role, as she decided to withdraw from touring – but who knows, maybe there could be some special event where she appears on stage with us performing her role as the wife of Anti-Christ. Only time will tell. „smile“-Emoticon

Here’s one more photo from the latest photo session for you as well. This photo + the previous one was taken by Mina Karadzic photography

(Published by courtesy of Chiara Malvestiti)

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