One year break of Metal Female Voices Fest

The team of the Metal Female Voices Fest has announced a break for this amazing festival today. Read the complete statement as follows:

2015 : 1 year of break.

Dear friends and all MFVF people,

After a really long and serious thought, we have decided that the next MFVF edition will be held in 20…16.

Why do we skip 2015 ?
Once an edition over, we hardly have any time before to start working on the next one.
After more than 10 years, we would like the festival to evolve and to realize new projects.
We would like to take the time to think about new ideas and concepts for the festival, to find new partnerships.
Renewing things after 12 years existence is really important and necessary.

This 1 year break will also allow for many of you to save up for the next edition, as we are aware that it’s a huge budget for just 1 weekend.
At least 50% of the festival’s visitors are coming from abroad, mostly from Europe but many come from other continents. Many of you are even taking their annual holidays for the MFVF, which we are really honored by, but we realize it’s not easy every time.

As we know that many of you are buying their VIP during the festival, etc… and that hotel and flights are mostly never refundable, we think that it’s only fair to tell you this right now rather than after this year’s edition.

Don’t be disappointed, it’s not an end as we will come back the year after with a better festival ! We will come back stronger !
And there is no reason that we can’t meet during that year, if some of you are visiting Belgium or if we are coming in your country, let’s have a drink all together.

So, for now, if you attend MFVF12, let’s party hard this year ! And if you can’t come this year, we count on others to party even harder for you !

The MFVF Team

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