Elina Laivera has announced her first solo album

Elina Laivera co-founder and formerly songstress and songwriter oft the greek melodic death metal band Seduce The Heaven has announced her first solo album for early 2015. These are the most excited after her split in 2013. Read the announcement below!

Dear friends and fans,
after almost a year of musical silence, the time has come for me to share with you all some great news! But first I should take things from the beginning.
After my departure for personal reasons from Seduce The Heaven in July 2013, I took a much needed break. I took the time to travel a lot, make friends, study and experiment on music, broaden my horizons as a musician and person, finding myself and reinforcing my passion for Music. During these past months, I found tremendous inspiration that made me grab a piece of paper and a pencil, sit down on my piano and write 13 wonderful songs from scratch. The idea for a solo album didn’t take long to appear but any plans were too general and unspecific as at the same time I was putting almost all my effort on leaving Athens and Greece and moving out to Germany. This is actually where these lines are now being written.
Around February 2014 I met French composer and record producer Vivien Lalu in Paris. It was musical love at first sight. Being a huge honor for me, Viv trusted me enough to join forces with me, working on my debut solo album and for the first time plans and deadlines were set and the serious work started with Viv producing my music as well as contributing on arrangements etc. Having worked with enormous names of the scene, Vivien Lalu apart from a beloved friend is also my musical other half in this new journey as we also got to compose material together for the album and he shall also follow me on tour in the near future as keyboardist. Read more about Vivien here:
So the news go as following; MY DEBUT SOLO ALBUM IS OFFICIALLY on its way with AMAZING GUEST MUSICIANS and a FANTASTIC CONCEPT coming up very soon! Pre-production is already running and this Fall we shall enter the studio to record the album. Mixing and mastering have been scheduled on February 2015 and soon after that you should expect a release date.
Everything is going as planned and I am extremely excited and happy with the way things are shaping up. Working with Vivien and more musicians that I am going to announce soon has been a blessing and I would like to thank this fantastic crew I have around me for their trust and wonderful energy! Last but not least I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you people, who kept on supporting me, waiting for my next move patiently, for all those heart-melting messages and gifts I receive every day from you showing me your appreciation. I can guarantee that this album is going to be exceptional and magical, for it is going to be my gift to you!
STAY TUNED! I have an album full of beautiful stories to share with you all! GUESTS, ALBUM TITLE, CONCEPT, ARTWORK, LABEL AND MORE TO BE POSTED SOON!


Some former pictures from the Metal Female Voices Fest:



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