Interview with Aziza A. Poggy (songstress of Aria Flame) by Metal Female Voices Community


The Metal Female Voices Community on Facebook has taken an interview with Aziza A. Poggy, songstress of the Grand Rapids (Michigan) based melodic metal band Aria Flame. Hope I can meet Aziza at Metal Female Voices Fest on October this year!

1. How would you describe your music in your own words?
Dark melodic progressive circus music.

2. Do you have favorite singer which could influence in your music…?
I can not single this answer to just one. So, I will have to choose Floor Janssen and Warrel Dane. Their vocal techniques are unparallel.

3. Which musical instrument do you like playing?
Mainly my voice. Although I dabble on the piano through the composing process.

4. Do you have plans about create new album and tour in Europe?
Absolutely! We are in recording our first album right now; it should be out by summer or fall this year. Europe is definitely on the to do list.

5. Aziza your voice is brilliant. Do you use vocal exercises to ensure that your voice is in adequate shape?
Well thank you and most definitely! Since I have taken voice lessons, vocal exercises have become something of a ritual. I am constantly learning and evolving. I do not want to stop because that would mean I hit a plateau as a singer and I always want to become better. I like to constantly evolve and become more than what I once was.

6. I think a lot girls interesting about your style clothes ))) Do you have own style for dressing or are you choose favorite brand?
I don’t have a favorite brand. I just mix and match pieces and form my own costume out of it. I do really enjoy wearing bustle skirts for this band. I would love to find the right clothing endorsement deal.

7. Do you often find time to see live performances from other bands?
Whenever I can, yes. I love going to other concerts, it inspires me watching other people jamming out. I love hearing music as much as possible.

8. Which country do you like?
Well, I have only been to Canada and within my own country the USA thus far, but Greece, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, etc all of Europe seems really intriguing to live and visit.

9. Which cuisine do you like?
I love Middle Eastern food the most, then Mexican food. Last but not least, I would have to say Italian food.

10. Is it possible to see you somewhere in the city?
Hopefully, who knows where the world may take me.

11. What is your favorite quote of life.
Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy -Ludwig Van Beethoven.

12 And your wish for fans ))
I wish for my fans to know I will always do my best as a singer and composer to keep our music interesting. That they mean more than words can describe. I appreciate their support. So when you buy our merchandise and music, you not only support us but also the rest of the female fronted metal community as well. I also make my own soy candles, organic whipped Shea body butter, eco-friendly perfumes and custom scents. I do this aside from music.

Thank you so much for interview!!

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