Ex Libris new full length album – Medea!

The dutch female fronted Metal Band Ex Libris ask their fans for donating the forthcoming second full lenght album “Medea”. That’s why the band has started a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. Every donator can get a nice perk. (picture Copyright by Ex Libris)


The bands says on Facebook on October, 9th 2013:

“First of all, we’re getting close to finishing our recordings! All drums and vocals have been laid down, keys and guitars are in the „final touch“ phase (who would like to see that in a video???) and next weekend it’s BASS TIME! BOOM!…
Second, with a new album comes a new website. And a new logo! We have been working really hard on these and will present them to you in the next week or so!
And finally, our crowdfunding campaign is still very much alive and needs more kicking! Have you already supported us? Let us know here! And, share our campaing page for all your friends! YOU RAWK!
See you soon!
Love, Ex Libris

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