New confirmations for Metal Female Voices Fest 2016

5717694187_20f0c06f68_zThe headliner for the Sunday session was announced in the meantime, Tarja Turunen, ex-singer of Nigthwish. This will be a really great ending of this amazing festival!

But a lot of other great bands were confirmed. Crescent Lament is a Gothic Metal Band from Taiwan (Youtube video). Nether heard before this. So I’m very curious about their show. Blackthorn is an allgirl band from Russia. The girls are playing so called “Symphonic Hextreme Metal”. Zwinkerndes Smiley I’ve watched to the official video on Youtube. It sounds great.

22256398235_1d9bbcba6b_zAdditional I will meet again Kassandra Novell. Their new band Mercy Isle was announced as well (Video clip  “I’m gonna Make It”). 10489596896_b552b2359f_zThe band has published the EP “Storm” in October last year. I’ve seen Kassandra as guest singer with Aria Flame at FemME II in Eindhoven. And Mourning Sun from Chile will bring the Doom Metal on the stage (EP Teaser). The festival is growing-up!

And the recent confirmation is really amazing. Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes) will present  a special Theatre Of Tragedy show, featuring Raymond Rohonyi (ex- Theatre Of Tragedy). Of course she will also play her own songs during that set. Here’s the video of “Love Decay” (featuring Michelle Darkness) from the album “Vervain”.

For earlier confirmations look here: Metal Female Voices Fest 2016–New Bands, Live Journal

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